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REligious Education

The mission of the Religious Education Program of St. James the Apostle Parish is to assist parents in the religious, moral, and spiritual formation of their children. Parents are the primary educators of their children, teaching by word and example. Our parish catechists support the parents and students by providing religious education in a nurturing, faith-filled environment. Through the cooperative effort of parents, catechists, and students, our children will grow in their love for God and knowledge of their Catholic faith, develop their God-given gifts and talents, and live as contributing, respectable citizens through their commitment to service as Catholic Christians.


The RCIA Ministry is available for anyone 18 and over who is interested in becoming Catholic, or for anyone who has not been Baptized or anyone who has received the Sacrament of Baptism but has not yet received the Sacraments of Confirmation and First Holy Communion. RCIA sessions will be held every Sunday beginning Oct. 07, 2018, from 8-11 am beginning with the 8am Mass. Registrations will be held after every Mass on Sunday Aug 19, and 26, 2018, or you may call the rectory and leave your name and phone number if you need additional information. The cost of registration is only $15. Per person.

El Ministerio de RCIA está disponible para cualquier persona de 18 años y más que esté interesado en convertirse en católico, o para cualquiera que no haya sido Bautizado o cualquiera que haya recibido el Sacramento del Bautismo pero que aún no haya recibido los sacramentos de confirmación y primera comunión. Las sesiones se celebrarán todos los domingos a partir del 07 de octubre 2018, de 8-11 de la mañana. Estaremos tomando registraciones comenzando con la Misa de las 8 a.m. y después de cada Misa el domingo 19, y 26 de agosto de 2018, en el salón Bosco, o usted puede llamar a la rectoría y dejar su nombre y número de teléfono si necesita información adicional. El costo de registro es $15. por persona.